Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sally in Accounting Doesn't Want Another Snuggie

Every year, adults in suits and ties draw names out of a hat and play Santa's Elves or Christmas Angel or Secret Santa. They limit themselves to $10, $20, $30. And then they try to figure out what in the world Sally from accounting would want that costs only $10.

Sally from accounting doesn't want another purple, plaid scarf. She doesn't require a fifth pair of fuzzy red and green socks. She doesn't need a Starbucks gift card.

This Christmas, as your office kicks off it's Secret Santa season, why not make a difference for families fighting childhood cancer?

This blog is going to give YOU ways to participate. Suggestions that will turn a sweet (but often wasteful) holiday office tradition into a meaningful way to raise money and awareness for those who really need it.

Each day I will give ways to participate (even for those who don't work in a Secret Santa type of office) and I will give suggestions on where your money or gifts should go!

Today's idea is simple. Suggest this to your office. Start with your boss, the person in charge of drawing names, or just a few co-workers who might be up for it. Once you have a coalition, take it office wide. You'll be shocked how many people would rather spend $25 for kids with cancer than on a Snuggie for Jim in Sales!

Also, become a "follower" of this blog so you remember to participate!

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