Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Simple Suggestion for the Shy

Those of you who followed Lindsay's battle with AML may remember her favorite phrase in the hospital. "I SHY!" If you're feeling too shy to recruit your entire office to the cause, today's post is for you.

Maybe recruiting family will feel less daunting than reaching out at work.

Do you stress over picking a gift for the sister who has everything. Do you dread opening the gift from the in-law who thinks fish-net stockings are "just your style"?

The year before Lindsay was diagnosed, Matt and I asked his family if, instead of gifts, we could each give a donation to a favorite charity. Matt and I randomly chose St. Jude's. I suppose there is a bit of irony in this, but it is a donation I will never forget.

The whole family can donate to one charity, or you can each give to your favorite organization. To make it even more special, ask each family member to write a few words about why their organization is important to them. Read them before Christmas dinner, then take a moment of silence to remember the Angels and to honor the kids who are still fighting!

Thanks for participating! Don't forget to become a follower for daily updates and encouragement. Also, later today I'll start featuring organizations who truly make a difference!

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